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Film Review


We at Bayan Pictures appreciate the feedback of our audience. It’s important we receive good feedback from our viewers because it will give us an insight into what aspects of our film production that needs to be improved.


We can all learn faster and deeper if we knew what our strengths and weaknesses are - this is integral to learning.


So we urge you to download our Film Review Form and fill in questions which we hope should take only 2 minutes of your valuable time.






Once you have downloaded the form you will be asked a series of questions like the ones below. Here you can give your expert advice on what went right (or wrong!) about the film. Once completed please send an email to, subject: Film Review Form, and of course don't forget to attach the completed form!


Thank you once again for your much needed support.

Film Review Sample



Section 1

Name of film: Beyond Traditions: Religious Diversity . One Mankind.

Setting (time and place): Daytime in different religious centres.

Type of film (genre): Religious documentary


Section 2

Please write a plot summary of the film, do not reveal the ending, discuss at least 3 events and be sure to cover the entire scope of the film, except the very end:


Two brothers lead similar lives in regards of their routines. Clips are shown of the brothers visiting their religious centre and worshipping. Four religious centres are featured including a mosque, church, synagogue and a temple. Various verses from Holy books or holy characters are featured about brotherhood.


Section 3

Discuss one aspect of filmmaking. You may choose from acting, direction, editing, costume design, set design, photography, background music, or anything else you may think of. Be sure that you are specific and cite examples from the movie:


The editing is top quality with the clips beginning and ending at the right moments giving the audience the message loud and clear. However the quotes did not attract me enough to read every single word. Perhaps it may have been too long or the colour of the font didn’t flourish, even though this wasn’t the first time watching the video. An example of a quote: the Peter quote from the Bible, looked bland to me, maybe making the quite bolder?


Section 4

Discuss another aspect of filmmaking. You may choose from aspects named in the previous section or anything else you may think of, but obviously choose something different from what you discussed in the previous section. Once again be sure that you are specific and cite examples from the movie:


The filming looked shaky from the first viewing but looking back at the video again on my laptop, the filming is pretty good, not showing to be shaking. Filming may need more helpers in the future to perfect the angles and shots chosen (not saying the angles and shots were not).



Section 5

Give your overall reaction to the film as well as your opinion on the quality of the film. Also include your recommendations for potential viewers:


The film is very professional and portrays the message of brotherhood to the audience. Quality of filming is excellent as all scenes showed the environment/scene clearly. With better equipment in the future, Bayan Pics will reach perfection in their films.


I would recommend sending the video to Interfaith groups/societies maybe even channel 4 as a segment with someone giving a brief message of what we want to show the audience. We can also recommend or give a suggestion of featuring the film at an Interfaith event in the community.      

Film Review Form